Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spring of 2009 Lambs

I love my sheep. I really enjoy their wool! As you know I purchased White Knight a blue face Border Leicester last fall trying to get the wool that I want. The lambs were born in April and May and grew quit, their wool is lengthy and they have a gentle nature to them...at least most of them do.
I sold 13 head of ram lambs but still have over 60 head of sheep. I need to decrease my numbers but there are many pets...of course, I can not sell my pets. I also purchased 2 new pups that will grow up to be guard dogs. The girls' names are Sady and Lady. Sady is everywhere and the more dominent dog. She also likes to eat...lots!
I really like the wool on the lambs born from Shetland ewes. They are long and have a very consistent white fine wool from the front to the back.

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  1. Sarita, I love the pics of your sheep! I wish I could have some someday, but I guess it just depends on whether or not we ever move where there is more space! Hope all is well!


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