Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Putting by for the Winter

It has been so busy here for the farm. We have enjoyed a cool and damp summer that has but everything behind including haying.
Most of the hay here on the Spinning C Fiber Farm is put up in large bales. This year we did not have to purchase any small square bales because Danny drove to Minnesota and purchased a small square baler and came home and worked on it for a week and it is running like a top now. It is an older baler...the reason Danny wanted it...he loves old machinery and likes to restore it to working condition. I am enjoying it too. I like to feed the ewes hay flakes during lambing time when I have them in the barn.
I usually pay $3.00 to $3.50 a bale for 150 bales but this year it just cost me the trip to Minnesoata driving a big Ford pulling a large equipment hauling trailer, eats for 2 old boys that likes to eat and paying for the baler and the new parts and the many trips to local implement dealers to get those parts...I should break even in 2012! Seriously, I am thrilled we have the small square baler and will be able to put up hay when we want.

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