Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things that makes my heart Happy

Yep that is a cat on that sheep's back...you aren't seeing things. Mr Gray and Sammy are buddies. Mr. Gray comes out of the barn and Sammy goes over and lets him hop on for a ride. Sammy's wool on his back is flat from all the rides. Mr Gray sleeps with Sammy too.

My dear husband made me a weaving bench from old oak out of one the barns from this farm. The wood had worm holes and he was not satisfied with it so I applied wood filer, sanded and painted a scene of some of my sheep in the south pasture. I know the day lilies on the legs look a bit much but I love them and they were in bloom about the time that he finished the bench and abandoned it in the wood shop. It is pretty long so I can slide from one side to the other as I weave on the big Toika floor loom. I hadn't oil painted in years and I am very rusty at it....my eyes are older too, my hand shakes more too but I love to personalize things for my home, don't you? I found this picture of my grandson, it is my favorite picture of him. He came to stay the week end and wanted me to sew up the clown suit for Halloween. He helped me pick out the material and pattern and I had the wig from one of the girls. He stood by me and at about midnight, I had been caught up in my sewing, he said wow, Mom and Dad have never let me stay up this late before...I felt bad but he wanted his clown suit to be finished. He tried it on and then sit down on the bench in front of the fire place and I asked him to look like the pumkin and this is what I got for a picture. So many memories. He's going to be 14 this April. Sweet memories.

This old rocker was my grandmother's. My husband fixed the rockers for her once. She would rock the babies after Sunday dinner and another would stand on the back of the rockers and she rocked and talked to all the grandbabies.
She was just going to leave it out at the old farmhouse when she had to move to town when she was in her early 90s. I couldn't leave it...so my husband loaded it up and we took it home and worked on it again. You should have seen her face when we delivered it to her new home a few months later. She lite up like an old lost friend had came back to her. She was less than 5 feet tall and this chair sits close to the ground and just fit her. She always sat in it. It then went to the nursing home.


  1. I love the lilys! I had ones like them in my wedding bouquet! V. lovely

  2. Sarita, The lilies are beautiful! I love the picture of your grandson, how precious!

  3. Hi Mom. I am glad that you are painting again. Your lillies were gorgeous but I would have to say that the painting of the sheep at your farm has been the best painting that I have seen in awhile. Maybe it is because it makes me homesick. Even though your eyes are a little worse and your hands are not as steady, the art that you do always makes me feel like I am home. Love you!

  4. Thanks gals. Like Lisa said, my eyes are not as good and my hands were shaky and out of practice but I really love those Starglarzer lilies.
    Danny was going to throw the bench away because he likes things to be perfect...filler, sanding and painting saved the day and i love my new weaving bench...cause he made it for me out of wood from this farm...it's Lisa's inheritence...Smiles to you.


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