Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tea Cosy Swap

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Tea Cozy Swap on Mary Jane's Connection. I began looking for pattens for tea cozys that very day. I have sewed a cozy, needle felted two cozies and then knitted and felted and then embellished with wool, yarn, and my old buttons from my button jar. I hope Cathy likes the one that I made for her. I plan to mail it to her on Monday

I have to admit that I have had a good time and besides that I have come to know another person in my life. Another thing, Missouri has had some very cold days lately...many cold days and I have found that these tea cozies really work to keep your hot tea hot.
I also made a small rice pillow and a cover to set my tea pot on to help keep it warm. I filled a 6inch x 6 inch square of white cotton material sewed all the way around except for a small turning hole, put about a 1/4 cup of rice in this small square then made a cover just like I would for a big pillow. When you set the hot pot on this pillow, the rice heats up. I then put the tea cosy over my pot and the tea is warm all afternoon.
The red and blue cozy were wool from my sheep that I washed, carded, dyed, and then wet felted. The flowers on the blue tea cozy were neddle felted as well as the cup on the red cozy. I also made a cotton fabric lining and put in a wool batting.
I really liked the cozy that I sewed but Cathy said she had a 8 cup pot and it just did fit my 4 cupper. I may try to make another one and make the pattern bigger.
Another discovery that I made while making the cozies was....I have more tea pots than I thought I had...lot count at 13 pots. I love TEA and TEA Pots and I also like cups of all kinds. I collect china cup and saucers. I also love pottery cups...big thick cups.


  1. Absolutely beautiful cozies! I'm glad you put a link to your blog on the MJF site:)

  2. OH,now I wish I had joined this one. Your cozy is adorable-every one of them!!!!!

    Your sheep are just plain cute!!!!

  3. Thanks girls, Autumn, you must join in the next one...I don't have much time to join the swaps but I had lots of fun on this one and I received such a beautiful cozy in return.


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