Monday, November 17, 2008

Wool, Wool, everywhere!

Molly, Daisy, Sweet Cheeks, Lilly lined up to give me their wool...not really but next Spring my hands will be in that wool. My mind will be whirling so fast that I will not be able to sleep. Which fleeces will I sell? Which fleeces will go to a processor to be carded and spun into yarn? Which fleeces will I spin? Right now I am excited, my daughter and son-in-law and my granddaughter will be coming from Nebraska next week for Thanksgiving. The girls are as crazy about the sheep as I am. If I can't find Lexi, I know she will be in with the sheep. She has a favorite that she named, John Konnor...savior of the universe! Well, John is a very cute shetland cross with Corriedale that loves to be petted and will stand in front of you forever for a petting. He is just waiting for Lex to come to the farm. (Did I mention that John is not going to market?) Neither is Teddy, another weither, with the most beautiful wool.

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