Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stuffed Mittens and Rug Hooking

I finished the stuffed mittens! Sooooo warm! Soooo simple! I used hand spun wool yarn from my Correidales. They are thick and warm...not chore gloves by any means but I definitely liked knitting them. Several of the Mary Jane gals told me that they are going to make a pair.
This pair took less than a week, working a couple of hours here and there on them. Went really fast.
So I started a new pair for Angie. They will match her scarf that she made by weaving yarn from our flock. I am knitting the Itsy & Bitsy yarn and stuffing with Dolly's Boy's fleece that I have dyed a lime green to match the green in her scarf. I wanted to show you how the insides looks as I make them. They are real fuffy and soft inside.
I am getting ready to tackle completing 5 rug hooking projects that I purchased from ebay. I couldn't resist them! I plan to make pillows out of them when I get them finished. I am going to ask my husband to make a couple of little round top milking stools to put a couple on. I put up the topic on Mary Janes Connection in the Stitching and Crafts section and received so much good feed back that I am itching to get to rug hooking. I ordered a used book from ebay and a frame...then later found out that I could have got the supplies from Grace in Colorado. Next time I am just going to ask Grace if she has it first. The last picture is of a purse that I felted from my sheep's wool...of course I had to put a sheep on it. I have carried it several times and it is holding up well. Did I tell you that I have knitted and felted a number of hats. Love to make felted hats. I also find hat boxes to put them in for storage. I make hat stands to display my hats too.....that is another blog.
What in the world am I going to make with this bright blue yarn that I just finished spinning and the color but nothing in my wardrobe or home this color. I will probably over dye this one but I am going to look at it for awhile because it makes me happy.


  1. Just found your blog this morning. Very interesting, if I were younger I would be raising sheep.
    You found some great rug hooked pieces, especially love the cattails. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I am a rug hooker from the Ozarks. Here is my blog address.


  2. katie, I really like your blog. I read it as I was making bread and rolls this morning. There you had been making bread!
    Do you belong to the Mary Jane Connection group?

    Warsaw is over 2 hrs away but I may have to make a trip down to the rug hooking shop. Do you work there?
    Thanks for stopping by. I will try to visit your blog to keep up with what is going on.
    God Bless,

  3. Hats! Bags! I adore your felted sheep bag. hugs, B

  4. Sarita- I just love your wool items. Those hooking projects are fabulous!!! I have tried to hook a time or two but lack some skill that I haven't identified yet. I will learn- but menawhile I'll have to just oogle your pretties!!!
    (Farmgirl #49)

  5. Thank you Autumn, but I can't take credit for the rug hooking. They were someone else's unfinished projects that they chose to sell on ebay...I win! I love I just have to finish them.
    God Bless

  6. Oh my!! Look at those mittens and that purse is so pretty!!! I love the way the mittens are done.

    Queen of Dreamsz

  7. Oh my, what beautiful things you make. This is the year I wish I had mitten stuffed with roving, there is nothing like them. Your tea cozies are wonderful, your yarn, your rug hooking, all so pretty. And your sheep look so wonderful too. what a treat to look at your blog.


  8. Thank you Karin. The mittens are very warm. In fact, sometimes I have to take them off, my hands get too warm.
    Glad you could stop by. Please come back to visit any time.


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