Saturday, May 28, 2016

My morning stroll of the flower beds

Camera in one hand, coffee in the other on this fine warm cloudy Saturday morning I headed out to look at the flowers.  I love watching the plants change so fast once the temps warm up.  I think we got snow flurries 2 Saturdays in Michigan!

I now have 38 different varieties of Heurchera or coral bells, I love them!  They all survived the winter and some have been nibbled on by the deers but most are doing very well.  It helps to have a husband that likes them as well and  encourages me to add to my collection.

These coral bells I transplanted to the area on the east side of the garage.  I removed lots of rocks and replaced with good compost soil from the garden last fall.  I used the pine needles that we had vacuumed from under one of our pine trees and used it and chopped leaves to mulch the newly transplanted heuchera.

Purple Iris...we have several different iris in our beds.

from left to right:  Brass Lantern, Georgia Peach, and Tapestry heuchera

The large brownish heuchera is Carnival Watermelon

Coffee Bean and Circus

I love the orange poppies in the West Bed

Lupine has really grown this year

Chipmunks everywhere,  cute but destructive.

Danny took down the martin house since we had birds that we did not chose to rent to moving in and no martins.  We decided that we would feel honored to fly Old Glory instead!

Red Hot Poker

This is the flower bed out by the patio.  Love to hear the water and I grow most of my herbs here so I can step out the door and pick what I need.

A large copper kettle we purchased at an estate sale at Gull Lake.  The older couple had it sitting by their fireplace so right now that is where I will let it sit.
I have been under the weather since March 17th when we made the trip to Missouri to take mom back.  I think I got very worn down and I was an easy mark for infections.  I have been seeing the doctor and went through 2 rounds of antibiotic and then came back down with an Upper Respiratory Infection, most of last week was lost.  Feeling better yesterday and today but still not taking on much yet.

I continue to do my Bible Study daily with Les Feldick.  God answered my prayers.  I have never felt like I really understood the Bible or all about Jesus so I asked God to help me to get to know him better but I wanted to really know the Word and him, the truth.  Danny and I get up everyday and have our coffee and watch Through the Bible with Les Feldick, we record it, I am not up as early as Les comes on.  We also listen to one of his lessons every evening before bed,  I also watch him occasionally on YouTube.  I pray God enriches your life with his Word!

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