Sunday, August 9, 2015

A trip to the Blueberry Festival in South Haven

We traveled about 60 miles to the Michigan Lake Shore to South Haven to the Blueberry Festival yesterday.

We had to park several blocks from the festival.  We had to wait for the bridge to raise for the taller ships to get in and out of the harbor.  It was very crowded.

Angie held Evan up so he could see the ships and the bridge go up and down.
This large ship looked like a pirate ship.

Many little shops down town.  Did not see one blueberry.

The Chanel out to Lake Mic.  The Light House sits out on the end.  It was too crowded to walk out to get pictures so I will be coming back.
Where or what do you want to eat?  

The weather was perfect, in the 70s, cloudy,.  We had a good time just walking around and seeing new sites!  With all the big boats, the luxury cars and private docks...I would venture to say that South Haven is a summer home for many people out of the larger cities.  We seen about every nationality and heard many different languages.  And many people had there dogs there.  
God bless each of you!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this. Now, our family has to go there. Looks like fun!


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