Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Working Day

Today is Wednesday, that is always a busy day for us. Two acre lawn that gets mowed every Wednesday unless it is raining.  Danny rides the mower and I do the trim work...I get my exercise!
We had rough weather with lots of rain and wind Sunday night and Monday so I have been deadheading and repairing and staking up the tall plants that want to fall over...I am wondering are those plants worth all the trouble?

Danny and I start everyday by having our am coffee (crazy coffee is my morning drink) *while watching Les Feldick.  Les is a great Bible teacher.  He has made a big difference on my understanding of the Bible.  I have always wondered how people could use one verse.  I wondered who was this said to, who said it and why.  Les is helping me to understand what I am reading and answering many of my questions by showing me where I can find the answers myself.  Go to YouTube videos and watch some of Les Feldick videos.  You can also read his newsletters on his web site,  

Lilies are starting to bloom in front bed.

Daisy are starting to bloom in the back bed too.
Raspberry are starting to turn black, just finished the strawberries.   

My new planters are just going crazy!  

Tomorrow is the first day of Fine Lake area wide garage sales.  Our neighbors to the West are selling their beautiful home and moving to a smaller house in Battle Creek.  We will really miss Dick and Sue!  They are getting things ready to sell tomorrow.  Downsizing is never easy.

* crazy coffee...1 cup hot fresh coffee, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of butter blended together in the blender for about a minute...and I do add a little creamer, of course Amaretto!  I also started taking magnesium and my irritating irregular heart beat has quit!  I was having frequent episodes and then I would have no energy.  I had all kind of test done...over $ 2000 worth and no help.   I started researching and found that people low in magnesium have all kinds of symptoms.  I began to battle depression, weakness, and tiredness all the time with my blood sugars going up and my heart racing.  I couldn't drink coffee or tea but now I am back to having my morning coffee. I enjoy life again! I was pushing the push mower today and thought, I am so blessed to be able to do this without my heart racing...I am so blessed!  I pray that you are blessed too!  

My newest project!


  1. Good update, and I love your planter and newest project. Hubby used to work in Battle Creek. I'm looking forward to another post.


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