Monday, December 23, 2013

Living in a Winter Wonder Land

Saturday afternoon it started raining and then raining and freezing...which resulted in ice on the trees and light lines.  I let the dogs out about 11PM in the backyard, I could hear trees cracking, breaking and hitting the ground.  I also heard a very loud explosion to the West and then to the East.  Probably transformers because our electricity went out at 4:30 AM Sunday morning.  We have a generator and there is a plug for a generator in the garage...only thing is the plug in is an older model than our generator so we had to run cords from the patio in so we could have a heater and a light.

Our backyard and neighbor' little pine looks awful and it has stood so pretty and straight.  I use this little tree's needles in some of my Christmas decorations.

on Hickory Rd

this is behind our house...on the street to get to Danny's Garage

so pretty but so troublesome for so many people

the holly in front of our house

The wreath I hung on the birdfeeder
Squirrels are digging up their nuts and really chowing down on the bird seed

the birds are eating us out of house at home

before the ice, Danny removed the snow daily for about a week or two
Evan was over last Friday and he was checking out the gifts!

Empty cookie I made Apricot/Cran oatmeal cookies Friday before the ice storm

table decorations on the table...ready to make the cookies

Gave neighbors cookies and Danny said they were the best cookies that he had ever had...Good Man!
My new Bible Danny ordered for me came!  I have started rereading the Bible and doing daily Bible study and prayer.  I enjoy the facts that Dr. David Jereminah has in his new study Bible.  I love the way he sticks to what the Bible says.  I get his leather bound devotional every year.  He is a blessing to me.

I have one single light on in the house, sit by the heater at the dining room table studying my Bible.  Reminds me of times spent in the old farm house.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas from our homes to your home!

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