Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beautiful Sunny Sheepy Day

It was so beautiful and sunny that I decided that I needed to spend sometime outside with my sheep.
Teddy is the waiting at the gate for me...he has a complaint...we brought in a new BFL ram yesterday.  Teddy does not like to be checked out by another guy...he looks at Logan with disgust.  I pet Teddy and tried to console him.  

FuFu is not happy either...Logan has not gave her the time of day yet.  I talk to her about  possibly a new hair do.  As you can tell, she is hurt and honestly a little ticked.  I told her that I loved her wool and I can't wait to shear her and spin up so new sock yarn.  She pulled her ears back..."what did you say, shear my wool:???

Logan is really sweet on this pretty ewe.  Her mom is Gerty, grandmother is Bonnie Oxford.   I love her wool.  

John hate breeding season..."just not fair".

Blue Birdie could care is time to go out to the big pasture.  

This our new BFL ram, Logan.  He is not quite sure about the sound that my camera is making. 

These girls are in with Liam.  They come out to meet me too. 

Pretty Big Betha.


Blue Birdie, Bubbles and Pretty girl

Logan keeps his eye on the lady with the camera.

We got another BFL ram to breed our younger ewes this year.  And we purchased 3 BFL ewes and left them with Jennifer to be bred by a  new  ram, XRay.  Our first choice ewe,  Sarah was found dead at the hay feeder, she had broke her neck.  My heart sunk, but I know Jennifer felt worse,  We also purchased Liam's twin sister, Leaha.   

We are planning on putting coats on before we start haying

Our new ram, Logan BFL.

Look at the fiber on this ewe.  So soft.

Liam, our older BFL ram.

Old Norman, wants to go where I go but due to his age, he has to stop and then howls at me.  He is a sweet old boy.

God bless each of you and yours!


  1. Beautiful pictures. We are in second day of heavy rains. Long range forecast..............rain!A miserable week. Glad you had sunshine.

    1. You can send us more rain. Our ponds are so low but they aren't talking much rain for us. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Logan is a pretty boy Mom. Remember those BFL's are sneaky. Don't let your hopes for lambs get down. I'm convinced they do it in the dark. Oops!

  3. Hi! I happened across your blog, and was enjoying reading it when I saw Xray's name. Ray came from our farm in Ohio! Hope you get several nice lambs from him next spring. I am using 2 of his brothers on our flock - Xcel and Xcite. I'm adding your blog to my list so I can follow along with your posts. Drop by mine sometime -


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