Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bagley Family Reunion 2012

Over the years, the Bagley Family Reunion has changed.  Our group is getting smaller with the years.  
I remember as a little girl the side yard of my grandfather's yard was filled with family and friends of the Bagley family.  Old doors were laid across saw horses and lined up.  Food covered with tea towels covered the doors.  Our family was so large.  Now all of Dad's brothers and sisters are missed.  My mother is the only one still alive from that generation.
Here are pictures of my cousins and their families.

Janet Wingate and her daughter and granddaughter.

Letha Monroe, my cousin Clifford's wife and my cousin Nancy, my cousin Elgin's daughter.

Johnny and Shirley Hagan, my dear Aunt Vera's daughter.   

This is Raidan, my oldest brother's great grandson...he  is so beautiful and my camera just kept clicking.

again and again

and again and again...isn't he precious

Eddie and Janie from Minnesota, my Aunt Violet's son

My brother's son's, Shawn and these two guys!

Mom and our family except for my three children and 4 grandchildren and Lacey, Phil's daughter.

Steve and Sandy's family...they are now great grandparents.

Had to get another picture of my great nephew.

Tina and Rob

Letha sharing pictures of  our father with Phil, my youngest brother.

Ross Thomas Bagley, my father, when he graduated from school.  My oldest brother would laugh at his baby great grandson today at the reunion and it reminded me so much of my dad laughing.
Dad would laugh so hard, he had to take his glasses off to wipe the tears sometimes.  I am so happy that I have that sweet memory of him.  He loved his family so much.  He would drop everything if one of his family needed him.  He gave us the love of family and so much more.
He has been gone for so long but I don't think a day goes by without me seeing  my dad in something or someone.
God has blessed me with a wonderful family.

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