Monday, August 6, 2012

Mo. Drought 2nd Verse same as the first

No rainful in I don't know how many days.  But we do have  cooler temps.  In the 90s instead of in the 100s.  The ground grows drier, the cracks are getting bigger and more of them. The ponds are gradually getting lower.
The grasses are pretty much straw and cows or sheep aren't touching this yet.

This is the grass in the meadow.  I am not running near the size of flock that I did a year ago and so happy.  The sheep are now picking out the few blades of green grass that they find and I am feeding them grain of an evening.
I continue to pray fervently for rain.
  I realize that I can not do a thing about the weather so I would like to lighten the mood by interviewing the sheep tonight.
Let's see what the sheep are saying tonight about the drought..

Spinning Sally tells me that she is ready for a rain...and for me to go get a bucket of grain.   "Can we talk about it after we eat?"

Lewy said that he is researching to see if it is greener on the other side of the fence and it ain't so  he is going to expect more feed.  Lewy is the nosiest sheep on the place and loves to have his neck scratched.  

Blue Birdie says she is glad that it is cooler, and she is having to look harder to find a  good place to eat in that pasture.    "Now come on, chit chat is over, bring on the grain...I am straving!  I have my figure to worry about."

Lewy, I have already talked to you tonight...
"Hey Lady, I am Huie, Lewy's brother.  it's chow time...catch me later and we can talk all night if you will scratch  my neck."

John's words of wisdom
"It is hot and dry...know what I'm saying?  What about drought don't you understand?   I'm saying  I can't remember what rain feels like, what mud coming tween my toes feels like.  I can't remember what eating so much green grass that I have the.... green runs feels like...know what I'm saying?   Are you done?  I am waiting patiently for supper here now...chop chop, let's get that grain Lady."

China tells me that she is not speaking to me until she eats first.   "Chomp  Chomp before chat  chat!"

"Hey Big John, do you think she is ever going to put that camera away and  bring  us our supper?"

John says...yeah...the battery will go dead eventually and she can't get good pictures after dark...Hey Kid, ever ate by the moonlite?  "And whatever you do, don't start talking to her about your wool...she will have to put her fingers in your wool, measure the length and then have a long discussion on the fineness of your fleece and your bloodline back to the day that your grandmother was just look bored waiting on the grain."

Hot Shot just raised his ears and ignored me.
"Just feed mom real good so she can make me some milk."   

Meme says, "Do you see this grass, do you see any green...I don't think so....have you felt any rain lately?  I don't think so...I'm just saying watch those big can turn your hoof in one of those gaps.   Now let's talk about topping off my tank with a pound or two of grain."

Macy Sue, do you want to tell me how the drought is effecting you?
Oh come on you see this tongue?   Can you pull my stubby tail to get  my tongue back in my mouth?"

So there you have it straight from the flock  from the drought stricken Coffman Spinning C in the green brown hills of Northern Missouri


  1. Love your flock but not your ground!
    I can't believe you have had no rain yet. How long has it been? We had a full afternoon of rain Sunday and the forecast is rain till the weekend. I must say I feel blessed.Are you going to have to divide your flock due to feed conditions? I am praying for you tonight as I head to bed. Heads up my dearest friend.Think about the snowy season soon upon us.

  2. Do you think you could send me some of your rain? But I would rather have your prayers. I know God will send us rain in His time, not mine. I think He is teaching me patience and developing my true faith.
    Thank you for your prayers. God bless.


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