Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Morning

Good Morning from the Spinning C.  Up at sunrise to get chores done and then  to the shower  and ready for work.

The big girls are ready to go out.  They have been putting their noses in the air and barking so I know they will head south ahead of the flock this morning to do a sweep and run off any coyotes or deers that are on their territory.

The gate is open and the sheep are heading out to pasture.  I can see some green grass .  The  0.8  inch we got helped put with the hot temps we are having it will be gone or is already gone.  When I got in my car at work yesterday afternoon, the temp was 100 degrees.

OLd Norman hobbles out to meet me for his early morning feed and his milk bone.  

Sheep have made it to the south pasture.

Deers ate the top off of my greenbeans last night.  They are finally making some beans
I think I can get a batch off tonight...I love fresh greenbeans just out of the garden cooked with a couple of pieces of bacon, served with hot homemade bread and butter.

Watermelons are ripening everyday.  Danny enjoys sharing his melons with  others.

I have been so busy with other things and I am ready for the long week end and hope to get to do some fiber play.

Still working on Liam's fleece.

The weather channel is saying we will have a scorcher today...and maybe a chance for rain over the weekend.
We can pray!

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  1. It is to be hot here this weekend a well. I am looking (kind of) forward to having Dearest family reunion Saturday at the lake.It is quite cold here this morning but warming up really fast. The bang before fall. Leaves are turning colour here due to lack of water in the ground.


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