Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July...No we do not have any cute pigs that will carry flags on the Spinning C ...but the blog, Bee Haven Acres, does and the post today tickled my funny bone.  For a good chuckle go to their July 4th parade....

They are also having a great give away...check it out...I think the sunflower apron would look so nice in my newly remodeled kitchen when it is done.  And the blueberry jam would go great on my hot southern biscuits!

Here on the Spinning C we won't be having any parades for the 4th and we won't be shooting any fireworks (too hot and dry) but we will take time to think about the many soldiers that fought for The United States of America, what a great country we live in.   
I am so thankful that I live in a country that I can worship God.
I have the freedom to vote for my elected officials.
We have freedom of speech.
Our soldiers did not fight for just us but others abroad too.
Thank you all that made it possible for us to live in this great country!
God Bless the USA always!

While Danny finishes raking  the rest of the hay that is down, I think I will make some foods to snack on today...maybe BBQ some hamburgers at lunch, make a salad or two, and a big jello salad...Danny's favorite strawberry jello with bananas, nuts, and chunks of apples.  A fresh peach pie sounds so good too with ice cream...mmmmmm.

I think Danny is worn out from haying in the heat yesterday...(and having to fix equipment, our trip to town to get parts and oil).  He decided that he would rest this afternoon...I think he is starting to realize that he is no longer a spring chick anymore.

What will I do after I prepare the food????

I might ply the yarn that I stayed up till midnight to spin...probably...or

I could finish the knitted felt hat that I knitted while going to the doctor with Danny on Monday and our trip after parts yesterday.  
It is really navy blue and this is it before felting...over a paper towel roll.

Or I could knit on my beaded scarf

Or I could make one of these tops from my new pattern

or I can try using my new tool that Angie got me last fall


I could straighten my West wall shelves in my studio.....but not today!  This hot weather has me thinking crazy thoughts!

I could start a new scarf with the netted yarn in my little red tea pot or I could make more earrings?????

Or Sissy and I could just sit under the shade trees in the front yard together

or I may take my 5 gallon bucket to the meadow with the sheep and sit under the shade tree and count my blessings.  I think I will work on it all (except working on the shelves...That was just a crazy thought)

God Bless you all today....have a good one!


  1. Wow you are certainly one busy gal!! I understand what you mean about bringing in the hay. It sure is hard work...especially in this heat! Lots of water and a wet towel around my neck helps me get through it! Enjoy your day!!

  2. Thank you Beverly for letting me mention your blog...I would hate for my blog friends to miss the wonderful episodes of Bee Haven Acres...Danny and I read your blog and have a good chuckle while drinking our morning coffee...we enjoy your sweet pets...thank you for sharing.
    I hope everyone that reads my blog will go visit Bev and her wonderful and busy farm.


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