Thursday, July 26, 2012

Evening Chore time

Come with me tonight to get the sheep into the barn lot and feed Hot Shot...there is a cloud to the North heading our way...maybe some more rain.  I think I will go out to the garden and check on the melons...some are starting to turn...looking good...I love cantaloupe.  Danny has been irrigating with pond water this summer.  Last night's rain helps too.

I think we will be having cantaloupe to eat next week.   The watermelons are lots later this year.

raining north of us

This storm is going around us...this is the pastures across the road...looks like fall doesn't it?

The sheep come in when I call them in...the grass is so brown so I have increased the amount of feed they are getting daily.

Are you ready for supper, come on and I will put your feed in the pan.

Sammy is so muscled.  He is a Cheviot Ram...he is a gentle boy and throws lambs that look just like him.

Hot Shot is growing...his mom is giving him milk and I give him a bottle...he is doing really well.

He is a little piggy...I mean Lamby.

Hey, why is that big guy trying to get my bottle?

I am so glad that he is gone...I don't like to share my bottle.

After I have fed the dogs, cats, and filled everyone's waterers, I walk out of the barn as the sun is setting in the West.

The clouds are going to the east of us and the wind is getting up.

No rain for us today but the clouds were beautiful.

Time to get in the house and call it a day.  It has been a wonderful day...we got a rain, the temp got up to 90 but that sure beats 104.  I worked on the kitchen and finally feel like we are getting something done...just in time, Danny is going to help his brother put up someone else's hay tomorrow, they moved equipment to the next hay field this afternoon.

I am spinning this BFL wool.  I plan to Navajo ply it.

BFL wool from Liam that I am carding and spinning.

Thanks for going with me to chore...



  1. I know the feeling the that passing storm clouds. We did get a lot yesterday though which is a huge blessing. Hopefully you will get some in the coming days. Your grass is much browner then ours. Slim picking for the flock. Your photo's are worth making into wall size pictures. And of course love your spinning.

  2. So glad that you are getting rain. With the moisture that you had earlier on, will you have enough hay for your animals?
    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the Spinning C. Thank you also for the lovely comment abut the pictures...God just puts it out there and I click a button which never really catches the wonderful sites that I am seeing and feeling.


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