Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slow Easy Day on the Coffman Spinning C

The Weather man said that today we were to have sunny and very hot temps but a storm has moved from Nebraska down and over to the North Central Missouri.  We have clouds and occasional spinkles so we are just taking it easy today. A good day to cook, spin, and blog!
Danny got up before me and tilled the garden and made the coffee and got out the cinnamon rolls that I baked on Thursday.  He brags on them so I will keep making them but we both know that they are not good for our waistlines.  Darn!

Why is it that some things keep getting better and better...just grab out of freezer and microwave for about 20  seconds. Pour the hot fresh brewed coffee, add some amaretto creamer.... Easy Peasy Breakfast!

Going fast!  I will need to hide these from Danny...I will wrap them back up and put in the freezer.
I braised a piece of beef in the skillet, then added vegetables...carrots, onions, potatoes, seasoned and put the skillet in the oven on 300 to cook real slow till the beef is tender and falling apart.  This will be our lunch and supper and probably have left overs for Sunday night supper.

I found this half of head of cabbage in the crisper so I cut it up to cook too.  Danny loves cooked cabbage seasoned with salt and pepper and butter.  It will cook slowly too for lunch.  This is a sneaky way of clearing out the crisper to get ready for our monthly shopping trip this week.  I have a quarter of a watermelon that will be desert.

NOW, I can spin a little yarn today from a fleece that has not been washed...I am spinning in the lanolin today.  This fleece has really long staples and I like to spin very thin yarn.  I will wash the yarn and dye it for socks.  I will probably ply it with a down type wool.  I like the longer staples to spin into a stronger yarn to ply with other wool for the strength.
China's fleece before washing....spinning in the lanolin today  Due to the length, I will comb before spinning.

My chair is calling me to do a little spinning on Big Bertha, my espinner that Danny made me.
I also wanted to give you updates on projects that I am working on...remember I got a new rug hooking frame and I am using my  handspun on this project.  I am slow but I am starting to get the hang of it now.

I also have a knitting project to share with you.  It is a scarf made from a funky fabric, to me it is difficult to knit the stitches and my hands hurt so I put it down and pick it for awhile....I plan to knit a few more rows today.

I pray that the Good Lord will bless you and keep you all the day long.  I pray your shelves are full of good food to nourish your bodies and that your barns are running over.  I pray that your gardens are green and the produce is more than you will ever need and you can share the surplus with your neighbor.
God Bless, Friends


  1. Oh I like that rug hooking. Haven't done any since I was in my early 20's. I'll just enjoy yours for now. We have sun today and warm, Great haying weather. Marlyn

  2. Enjoy your day, projects and wonderful lunch. I runned on the oven the other night at 11:30 and finished around 3 am. That will tide me over for the week in which I only have to reheat. Temps here over 100 everyday and fires all around - hard to stay focused but I think you have the right idea...
    Enjoy your day and send great thoughts your way

  3. What wonderful yummies!! I just found your blog and became a follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts! Hope you have a lovely week!!



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