Thursday, June 21, 2012

Catching up

I have been such a poor blogger and I plan to get in the groove again.  So many things have been happening here on the Spinning C and with our children.

I am finally feeling infection hit me before school was out and I am just beginning to feel is amazing what two rounds of antibiotics will do!  With the auto immune junk, if my body is fighting any infection, it gets over zealous and attacks my joints too and my blood sugars stay high while I have the infection too...I hurt, don't feel good, and get depressed wanting to do all the things that I have planned so when I feel good, watch out...I am playing catch up!

Angie called to tell us that Evan had fell yesterday and hit his little sweet mouth.  As she was talking to us, Evan was in the background laughing and talking and Ang's voice was the shaky one.  I think it hurt Mommy more than him.

We are also done haying (no pictures this year...don't know what I was thinking) and we purchased over 300 small square bales and we have all but 100 of them in the barn.  We hauled hay 2 days this last week and got up early in the wasn't too bad, the barn we got it from was breezy.  Kevin and Randy brought their trailer the first morning and we loaded up about 260 bales on our two trailers.  It got hot later in the day so when we got home Danny and I did not unload our trailer until about dark. Danny had started to unload the hay in the West shed and here comes Randy, Kevin, and Mary Carol to help us unload.   We are blessed to have the Almonds as friends.  

Wyatt competing in Iowa City Combine.  Wyatt is the handsome dude 3rd from the right on back row.  

This picture was on the web site and didn't  download very good.
  Last Sunday after church we celebrated Father's Day ...Just me and Danny...dang kids grow up, and live too far away!  We also celebrated my mother's birthday...83 years old on June 19th.  She loves Coconut cake for I made her one and took her to potted plants...she seems to enjoy the plants now that she is older.

I forgot to take my camera on Sunday so here is her picture from Christmas.

We are also working on the old farm house.  Danny took out the glass patio doors in the kitchen and  put in a new single  door and a window in the patio door's place.  New wall covering too...I am going with a bead board and chair rail in the curtains too.
We are also tearing up the bathroom.  I am putting bead board on the walls in the know I want the farmhouse to look like a farm house...with a touch of victorian flair.  We got a new medicine cabinet and lights too.

I found time to comb on John's fleece and spin some of his wool last night...Lexi 's sheep so I will probably make Lexi a new pair of John socks.

I have also been putting some decorating and craft and knitting and felting ideas on Pinterest...after the remodel I hope I have time to be creative!

God bless you all!

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