Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunshine, a new lamb, and counting our blessings

Monday night as I was getting the sheep in, I noticed Birdie, Gerty's twin, lying in the hay off by herself.  When I went out to investigate, it was easy to see that she was in labor.  I moved her into the barn in a large pen to have her lamb.  The air was chilly and predictions of snow and rain mix prompted this decision.  (I don't like to be out in the cold either.)

I ended up needing to help pull the large lamb. (Was I ever happy that I had been able to get her in a jug?)   Birdie was following in her mother's footsteps, having large babies and needing help.  Birdie is the daughter of Bonnie, a large Oxford ewe that I got from the Almond's flock.   Bonnie had a beautiful silky fleece and she has passed that good fleece trait on to all of her off-Spring.  She has been the foundation for our breeding program of spinning fiber sheep.
 This is Liam's first off-spring.  He was young last fall but I gave him a small group of ewes that were related to White Knight. 

3/4 BFLand  1/4 Oxford ewe lamb born Monday night about 11 PM.  Trying to stand up for the first time and Mom hasn't got her all cleaned up yet.  I don't jump in and do a bunch of cleaning on a lamb.  Mother licks them and they are bonding at the same time.  Since the wind had got up and the temp was down to 32, I hooked up the heat lamp.  The lamb was sucking by midnight and I walked out into a light snow.  Time to go to bed so I can do checks on the other ewes in 3 hrs.

Same ewe lamb today, less than 48 hrs later.  I let Mom and lamb out to enjoy the beautiful sunshine this afternoon. 

Was she a happy camper or what?

This lamb takes everything in and has fun doing it...I have the feeling she is going to be a fun sheep to have around.

Lady and lamb are just getting to know each other.

The little girl is walking with Uncle Teddy, a wether of Bonnie's and followed by her mother, Birdie

Danny and I just sit in the sun and enjoyed the moment and gave thanks for all our blessings and prayed for Angie & Wayne, and Evan.  Angie's doctor started induction of labor this morning at about 8 am so we know we will have baby Evan soon.
One day a baby is born wet and helpless and in a very short time they are jumping around everywhere and leading you along by the strong ties of the heart...
I almost forgot to tell you what I have named our new little girl...I named her after her grandmother Bonnie that died a couple of years ago after giving birth to Birdie and Gerdy.  The little ewe's name shall be Bonnie Blue.


  1. Oh how precious !!! Such adorable pictures!!

  2. I LOVE the picture of little Bonnie Blue jumping! She is so pretty!


  3. Love the pictures, especially of the one with the lamb jumping. We are enjoying a baby goat right now, and love to watch her run and jump. What a blessing for you.

  4. Oh my goodness, Bonne Blue is adorable. I have a Bonnie Blue too, but she is a blue merle collie. My Icelandics haven't started lambing yet, soon though!


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