Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still Cleaning out the Studio...wool fiber for sale

I am still cleaning out my studio...this is a shetland fleece, dual coat.  I made some great socks from Cinnamon's fleece last year, they have wore great.  This is not a real fine wool. 


This is the shetland fiber as I load the combs.

This is a small fleece, has a nice long stable.  As you can see, it is a mixture of light to med brown.  It is washed but does have some vm.  $13.50 plus shipping from area code 63557.

I will also part with this dyed fiber from a BFL/Shetland.  I call this Sunny Tropical Beaches.  It does have some VM, It has a long staple. 

Loading the combs to blend the colors for the sky....I was going to use this in my tapestry weaving. 

This is the results of the loaded combs.  I think there is 6 or 7 different dyed colors in this batch.  About 1 pound.  It is washed and has some vm that falls out easily when combing or carding.   $18 plus shipping.

Another bag of wool that I have laid back to spin...but too much to do and not enough time to do everything I planned right now.  So I am going to clear things out.  This is from a ewe that has White Knight as her day and Lizzy, a shetland for her mother.  Lizzy is black and she is a character.  When I band her babies tails, she chews the band off and her kids are runny around with long tails...her babies are always sweet hearts but she is loud and bossy.  This has been washed and dried but I have not removed all the vm yet...so it does have some vm.  About 2 lbs washed wool.  $24 plus shipping.

This is China's fleece...just washed, not picked.  She is a BFL/Shetland ewe too.

A staple.  It is a nice crimpy wool...it does have some vm so I will sell it for $26 plus shipping.

If you would like any of my clean up the studio wool...email me or leave a comment. 



  1. Oooooh the temptations! I have a few bags of my own sitting untouched but I see yours and I find countless reasons to buy a little something wooly from you! LOL. I will email you if I don't talk myself out of it!

  2. How beautiful Sarita.
    Nothing like spring cleaning huh?

  3. Would love to purchase WK and Lizzie's ewe if it is still available :)


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