Monday, September 6, 2010

New Hats for Brandon

Baby Brandon has had a number of ear infections and he has had ear surgery to put in tubes.  He has also had skin problems.  Sooooo I decided to spin a very smooth yarn out of soy silk, cotton and about 20% White Knight wool.  White Knight has a very soft wool with a luster.
White Knight
After the yarn was spun, I then decided on the pattern.  I knew Brandon needed earflaps so this is what I came up with.
Nana's handspun, knitted hat for Mr. Brandon

Now the kicker to this story is: I went to Bethel to the Sheep and wool show and in one of the Vender's booth I found a hat knitted out of Alpaca.  It feels very soft to me and the pattern is much like I first wanted.  I also adored the little decorations on the hat.  The color was just right.  I threw out the $18 and brought it home with me.   And now Brandon has two new hats!

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  1. My next project as well. Baby and toddler hats. Have to keep the grandkids warm!


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