Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blue Berry Pie

Hot Blueberry Pie just out of the Oven
The temperature is to climb into the high ninetys today with a very high humidy so naturally you arise out of bed very early before the sun is coming up in the east and decide you want to bake a pie today...what is the matter with me anyway?
I really went out to grab a few blueberrys out of the freezer to add to my morning cereal and the urge to have a pie over came me.
Danny's brother called this morning and told us that he had found a guy to help Danny in the hay field today. 
That left me at home to work inside the house today.  School will be starting again soon so I have lots of small catch ups that I want to get done and what better time than to make a pie and have a nice meal for hubby when he gets home tonight?
Angie came down from Michigan a couple of weeks ago and brought some big beautiful blueberrys with her.  We made her and Wayne some freezer jam and some cooked jam while she was here to take back home with her.  We also made Lexi some and  when she went home, she forgot hers. 


  1. WE are just beginning to pick blueberries here. I must get to them before the bears do, but the heat is keeping me away. Your pie looks yummy.

  2. Thank you, it was very good...notice I said, "was"???


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