Friday, June 4, 2010

Storm Pictures 06/04/10

This afternoon we were trimming around electric fences and unloading the truck after doing a trip to town today for supplies when the sky darkened.  I ran for my camera and stood out by the garden and captured the pictures thinking that I might be getting a picture of a tornado in the making.
I did not ever see any circulation but....the weather radio and Katie's weather broadcast on Channel 5 in KC Mo. announced that someone had spotted a tornado at Hwy 11 and 129 junction.  It had to have been this one just a few miles on east of us. 
this picture was taken at Hwy HH 4 miles south of Winigan.

This storm went around us but later we got a light shower, no hail and tonight at 10:19 Katie is showing us getting another storm...hang on.


  1. WOW!

    It is almost beautiful in a sinister kind of way...

    Great photo.

  2. Hey Sarita, that storm went over my house too! I went outside at one point, looked up and saw a mass of churning clouds right above the lambing shed so I went in and started shoving dogs under the stairs in the living room (my cellar is full of water so you'd need snorkel gear to go in it{shudder}). Thankfully those clouds remained in the sky.

    It hailed golf ball sized for about 5 minutes and I stood on the backporch helplessly watching the sheep, horses and LGDs trying to figure out where to go for shelter. They have shelter but I guess the hail hitting the tin roof was too scary for them. I have a dog house in the pasture which the LGDs rarely use but they were both trying to squeeze into it. Later when it started hailing again, Bella, the younger pup dashed for the dog house first and I actually saw Nike, one of my yearling wethers, sticking his head in it as well. Thankfully the second round was much smaller and didn't last as long.

    Glad you didn't get any damage, that was one long lasting storm!


  3. Jen, we didn't get anything nasty really from this particular storm. You have really been getting hit more than we have according to the weather maps.
    I really like your lamb pictures. I think I will try to get some pictures of mine...I usually have bunches by now. We have been building fences so we can get the sheep out of the dirt and mud. It has rained so much and the sheep want to go in the barn and that is causing the muddy mess to get worse.
    Are you going up to Adel Iowa this week end to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival?

  4. Melody, are you ready for the Iron Mt. craft show? I just love your site.
    Monica, I wasn't abit afraid. I just stood there like an idiot taking pics.
    Thanks for coming by.


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