Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cleaning up after the morning storm hit 06/27/10

We had a very eventful morning which led to a very busy day.  Winds and heavy rains hit this morning about 7 am and a large blanch out of the big ash in the front yard came down.  Danny and I cut it up except for a 6 foot section that is fairly straight that I might be able to make some baskets.  We loaded the larger chunks on the carry all to use in the wood working shop this coming winter for heat.  We started to load all the smaller branches and leaves when I got the brainy idea to get the wood chipper and make some mulch for the flower!  So we worked all morning up until about 2 pm.  We decided to call it quits and Danny was moving tractors and trailers as I applied the last of the new mulch to the hostas.  He yelled at me to meet him at the plum tree and I didn't need any encouragement...just the energy!
We were standing under the plum tree that is loaded with ripe plums, we were grazing, searching for the dark purple ones...yes we were eating them unwashed and they were so sweeeeeet!  (they were really clean  after the two inches of rain this morning.)
Then Danny and I saw the clouds to the west getting darker and thundering and lots of lightning.  I ran for the camera.  We stood there tired from all the work we had already done and just watched the funnel cloud come down and then back seemed to just sit there.  I put the pictures of the funnel cloud in the previous post.

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