Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ramblings of Baskets of wool

We went to TS and I found these baskets and thought how they would come in handy to work up all the newly washed sheep fleeces.
But I just couldn't leave them plain so I got out cans of spray paint and here is what I come up with this yellow basket and then I put in John's light silver corridale washed fleece.

and then I painted this green basket and put in picked and some carded wool. 

and then I saw that the brightly painted baskets needed a little bling so the next one got some metalitic paint accents.

So I painted the basket a light soft green and sprayed the accents with gold paint.  This basket has Gabby's wool in it ready to be dyed red andthen go through the picker and then the carder . This wool is going to be my new red sweater...hope I can get the knitting done before next winter.

I had more wool so I needed more storage to handle all the fleece washing that I am getting done so the next time we are in town, I go to Tractor Supply and pick up 3 more bushel and another garden basket.  The garden basket got painted silver chrome paint with an undercoat of light blue.  It really is more bling than I usually go for but what the heck!  Time to live on the edge.

Looks like lots of wool doesn't it?  I still have bags of wool in the adjoining spare BR, the tack room out at the barn, the studio are getting the picture. I am Way behind on carding and picking!  I think it is time to list some more on Ebay.  If you need some wool to spin or felt, email me and I will give you a list of what is available and the prices. I still have many dirty fleeces to wash and get out of here.  Did I mention that I sent 5 fleeces to a processor to have them spun into Spinning C Blend wool yarn????  I plan to sell some of the yarn.

I am spinning on this blue, purple, and pink.  The wool is from a shetland cross BFL.  It has a luster and spins like a dream. 

This basket of dyed wools sits by the carder to make colorful blends.
To be completed, my logo sign is started at least. 

I don't really have all these baskets arranged and  sitting on my work table but just had to get them together to take some pictures of them.
I also love boxes, old blue fruit jars and buckets and use them as containers in my studio.

Please stop by again and see what we are up to from time to time.


  1. Your baskets look lovely - great to get your fiber organized. Love the sign too.

  2. Sarita, I love the baskets and your room is so pretty! I can't wait till I have my own craft room!


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