Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bottle Lambs

Jimmy Dickens and Minnie Pearl taking a nap in the sunshine. Minnie couldn't keep her eyes open for this picture but Jimmy gave his all. We have had two ewes to have triplets and neither would keep the smallest of the litter so we have been bottle feeding them But....last night old Molly ewe lost a set of twins. I watched her all day yesterday but she just couldn't have them so Martha and I had to pull them and both were dead. Molly has been trying to claim every new baby for the last couple of days so hopefully she will claim these two bottle babies. We rubbed them with Molly's two dead babies, hoping Molly would claim these two adorable babies as hers....time will tell. Mollie went through alots yesterday and I will just be thankful if she lives. This morning Jimmy was trying to suck old Molly but she is not too hot on the idea yet!


  1. Oh Sarita, how is the grafting going? I feel for you having to bottle feed and there is a ewe heartbroken from her loss. We did not have one single set of triplets this year...I am so happy about that!!! We are all finished. Hope you are close to being finished. Liked your post about exhausting your dye in the oven..never have tried that! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Sarita, I am so sorry to hear about the twins that Molly lost! Millie and Jimmy are so adorable! I really hope that I can have animals someday! If all goes well with the move, we are going to get chickens!!

  3. Such sweet ones - you are doing a wonderful job of being there for the litte ones. My heart is with you.


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