Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guard Dogs for the Coffman Spinning C Sheep

The Spinning C Fiber Farm Flock
This area has so many coyotes that I felt that I needed help guarding the flock. Sadie and Lady are doing just that. They stay with the sheep. They love the snow and the cold. Theses pictures were taken as they run down the fenceline when I leave our house and go south. They will run along the fence and bark at me. Aren't they beautiful?
lady has black around both eyes and Sadie has only one eye lined with black. Sadie also has very light brown ears and she is slightly larger than Lady and she is definitely the more aggressive and claims the Queen's position. Lady waits for Sadie to finish eating and lets Sadie be the boss.
They are sisters that are about 7 months old. They stay with our 60 head flock.

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  1. They are so beautiful! I always love to see pictures of your sheep too! I would love someday to have the space to have some sheep, but until then I will just sit around in piles of wool and spin!


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