Monday, April 27, 2009

White Knight the newest Ram on the Spinning C.
Spring is here! Whoopee! Hope you don't mind talking sheep today. My family thinks I eat sleep, and think and talk about sheep and wool all the time. What can I say, I love my sheep and their wool! White Knight is now the sire of 36 lambs on the Spinning C. He was chosen for his wool fleece and we used him on our best fleece producing ewes. The wool criteria for the ewes for this breeding program are: 1. They must have a medium to a fine wool. 2. The staple length must be at least 3 inches long. We crossed this Border Liecester Ram with our best Corriedales, white and colored. (See earlier posts with pictures of Miss Patch, Dolly, Aggy.) We also crossed him with a couple of our PolyPays that have fantastic wool to spin. We also crossed him with a few of our Shetland ewes that has stable lengths at least 6 inches long. All the lambs are white with the black noses and an occasional light brown socks or brown spot except for 3 black ram lambs out of the corriedale ewes. We were hoping to get a silver or gray from some of the shetlands with lots of gray on their papers. It didn't happen this year. The Oxford crosses have brown on their faces and legs, almost look dirty right now, but it is going to be fun to watch the fleeces grow. Our Oxfords came from the Almonds that have shown and placed in high ranking at NAILE as well as State and locally over the last few years. These lambs grow to be waist high and I love to spin their wool also, especially Bonnies. I would love to hear from persons in Missouri or Southern Iowa that have sheep or want to start a flock. Also would like to hear from spinners and weavers in this area. Just leave me a comment.

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