Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring on The Spinning C

Miss Patch, colored corriedale
Welcome to the Spinning C Fiber Farm! I got very busy and got behind on this blog....sorrrrry!

Here in Northeast Missouri we are seeing the early signs of Spring. Robins, Red-winged Blackbirds, frogs chirping, and blades of green grass peeping through.

Sheep out looking for any green grass they can find.
One foggy morning.  We have many foggy mornings here in the hills of North Central Missouri.  I love to awaken to the sun breaking through the fog.  This is a scene across the road in front of our house.  The old windmill was in good shape until last Spring when a heavy wind almost destroyed it.

Dolly, Corriedale
Tizzy, Registered Shetland
Miss Aggy, Miss Patch's 2007 offspring

I took some pictures of the girls in our flock before the shearer came on the 20th. The flock loves to get out in the big pasture and get their exercise. I love to go with them to get some snapshots. They run, hop, jump sideways just out of pure joy.

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