Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hand turned wooden knitting needles

For those that ask to see some of the knitting needles that I have turned with the wood lathe. I have not turned any for awhile. Remember I am just a beginner! Turning knitting needles is very hard for me. When they get start getting thin, they can become wobbly...don't know wood turning lingo. The tops are not the same on some of my very first ones, I have got better at that now. I also made tops with polymer clay. Just having fun. I love how I can take a rough square stick of wood from the wood pile and make it so smooth that I can knit with it without it catching on my yarn. Did you know that some people knit on square needles??
I will try to take some pictures of my ink pens that I have turned and put them on here in a few days. I am very proud of them....made lots more of them than of knitting needles.


  1. Oh my gosh!! Those are fabulous! If we had a lathe I'd be out trying to make some now too! I especially love the polyclay ended needles~what a neat idea. ;)

  2. Hey Sarita, omg!! Look at those knitting needles...they are just beautiful. Seems like you have mastered that lathe. :0)

    Queen of Dreamsz


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