Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Burrrr! Time to knit some mittens.

< Are you getting in the mood to knit up something warm? I am. The temps have dropped and the wind is bustery here in Northeast Missouri. We dropped to below 30 degrees this week. I had seen the pattern for theses mittens in one of my Spin Off magazines. When I was going through my Spin Off collection and I came across this pattern I started spinning up some of Miss Patch's brown wool. I spun a two ply that is on the heavy side...thinking warm..knitting on 2 needles. These mittens are so simple and sooooo warm.

Here are some pictures of Miss Patch. She is a colored Corriedale ewe that I have had for 3 years. She is a pet. Her wool is really black but she turns brown in the summer. Her wool is very soft and felts like a dream. The stable is 3 to 5 inches. Sorry, back to the mittens. The mittens start out with 2 straight needles and cast on of 53 stitches. 1st row is p1, k1 across the 53 stitches. The second row is k1,p1 across. I told you that it is easy. On the 3rd row which is p1 k1 again but this time a staple length of a soft fleece is folded around the needle and knitted in every 4th knit stitch across. See the first mitten knitted turned inside out...these pieces of wool are very soft and very warm. Keep repeating the rows and on every 4th row add more wool every 4th knit stitch. I will take a picture when I am done with both mittens. Come back in a week. (hopefully). God Bless and Keep you. This is the view of the inside of the mitten. As I knit these mittens, I am getting orders from everyone that puts their hand in them. I think the grandchildren will all get a pair in their stocking for Christmas. I finished the first mitten in 2 evenings while watching TV so they go together fast, also very portable.

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  1. That's ingenious!!! And they're cute as well as functional! Thanks for sharing.;)


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