Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Sheep, Wool, and Activities of the Spinning C

lexie with her old friend Alizia. Hugs and Love!
Thanks for stopping by the Spinning C Farm. Come on in and let me show you what I do with the wool from my sheep.
Spun yarn hung waiting for a project. The first wheel my husband made me. Brown hat and green purse knitted and felted. The wild wool socks that I knitted for Lexie, our grand daughter.
This evening I decided to do some spinning, got out baskets of carded wool, deciding what wool, what color? I decided on a natural colored shetland fleece from a lamb, so soft. the picture shows the spinning wheel that my husband made me out of the left over oak from the china hut and corner cabinet that he built. I really am thankful to have a handy man like him for 38 years.
My carding area can really get messy but when I have carded up the dyed wool and stack it up into piles to be spun later, I have another Kodak moment...eye candy.
I love to use kool aide, food colors, crushing dyes, to dye my wool. Lexi's sock were dyed mostly with kool aide. She loves them and wears them in the house during winter.
As you can see, my hobby spills out all over the house, upstairs, out in the barn. I would feel bad if we never used the equipment but every spare moment of my time is with the sheep, spinning, knitting, or weaving.
Stop by anytime. We can sit on the front porch in the rocking chairs and have tea....or coffee. We can have a good visit or we can sit quietly and praise God for all of his wonderful blessings. Listen! Do you hear the sheep baaing off in the distance? Stay awhile and we will go out and feed the woolies after bit. Come on back when you have the time.

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