Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fresh Fruit

It has always been my dream to have an orchard with many different types of fruit trees growing and supplying fresh fruit for us all summer long.  I said that I wanted my grandchildren to be able to just stand under the tree and graze.  Well, this year has not been a good growing year and grandchildren don't visit as often as they did when they were younger and lived closer.

Strawberries ready to make into freezer jam

We plowed under our old berry patch and put out 150 new strawberry plants this spring.  No real crop so we have been buying fresh strawberries to make freezer jam and frozen strawberries.  My grandchildren and hubby like to eat hot biscuits with strawberry jam in the winter.  We lucked out this year because the strawberries have been so sweet and favorful that we have purchased.  I enjoy the task of getting down on my hands and knees and picking a basket of berries and the cleaning and jam making..maybe if God willing next Spring.

New Gallon Ball jar of plum cordial

The plum tree was loaded this year.  I canned plums, made plum jelly, and finally I made a big batch of Plum berry Cordial.  I enjoy making wine and cordial.  Not much of a drinker but once in awhile we have a glass of wine or a small cordial.  I purchased one of the new large Ball Jars, it worked great to mix up and store the cordial.  I made plum juice out of the left over plums, added a quart jar of plum jelly, cooked with blackberries and strained.  Then I added a bottle of peach liquiar...now it will set for a few weeks and then I will strain it again and pour into pretty glass bottles. A small glass of cordial after a big meal is like having desert. 

Bing cherries in the blueberry strainer that Ang got me for my birthday!
We purchased some peaches and nectarines today, our peach trees didn't even bloom this year. 

Our apple trees and pear trees have several fruits on them...more to lay back for winter and to nibble on fresh.

Fresh Fruit...mmmmmm



  1. Everything looks lip smacking.. Your grandchildren will some day have a great bounty - let's just hope they come when it is picking time.

  2. I found your blog through Mary Jane's Farm Connection. This blog is delightful. I love your Teddy! I have Romney sheep and live in Ontario Canada. I have spun wool but tend to do the knitting more then the spinning.


  3. Thank you for coming to my blog. My Teddy is very special! I love Romney sheep. Are all of yours white? Do you read the MF forum of barnyard buddies, the sheep and wool? We love to hear from all people that have sheep and goats or wants to have sheep..just jump in there. What do you like to knit? Do you use your own wool?


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Always nice to have like minded ones come over. No my Romney have had Suffolk mixed in the heard in the past. Often I have dark faced ones. My speckled ones as Abraham would say. I just wanted to tell you the apron pattern is from Butterick in the historical costume section. I payed about $3. for the pattern but I love wrap around ones, canning aprons as we call them, perhaps because I am so messy?? I see in your profile you like Second Hand Lion.It too is one of my favorites. I own it. My favorite is Wives and Daughters. I knit a lot of sweaters for my grandchildren in yarn that is washable. I also love knitting socks. Looking after aging parents and going to many appointments, socks are great to have in the purse to work on in waiting rooms. I usually sell my wool to the co-op. They seem to get a good deal!There are a few spinners that come and order fleece, but we also have dairy cattle and there is only so much a person can humanly do.


  5. Wow, Sarita, that bottom picture is gorgeous! Looks like a scene in a magazine I would sit and look at and dream!


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